I forget a lot of things including git commands… Here is a reference I made mostly for myself or when setting people with git & github for the first time:

The usual suspects

commands often used:

  • git add . add all unstaged files
  • git commit -m"message here" commit message
  • git push origin featureBranch push to remote branch
  • git stash save changes not added and remove them from branch
  • git stash pop puts the “saved” changes back in branch/directory
  • git rebase -i origin/master use f on commits to change to fixup(squash)
    • r to reword commit message
    • i to enter interactive mode in vim esc to get back to where to save and exit :wq (enter)

First time setup


  • git config --global user.email email@example.com
  • git config --global user.name first last

repo setup

  • git init
  • git add . to add all files in directory or use git add fileName to add individual files
  • git commit -m"initial commit"
  • git remote add origin github_url
  • git push -u origin master


create file in directory called .gitignore

File Contents

  • file_name will not add file here to
  • **/folderName anything in folderName
  • *.fileType anything that is fileType

Common contents in .gitignore:


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