Hello everyone who attended our first Seattle Deep Learning Study Night! I hope you all had a good time meeting new people, exchanging ideas, and working on projects. I know I did!

I have collected as many of the resources and interesting things people mentioned and thought I would share them out!

Learning Resources

Andrew Ng courses



Udacity Deep Learning NanoDegree


Insight Data Science

Galvanize Data Science

Papers with Code

Artcicles & Podcasts

pytorch vs tensorflow hacker news article

Jeremy Howard Postcast

Google new AlBERT

Snorkel: A System for Fast Training Data Creation with Alex Ratner podcast


Snorkel: A System for Fast Training Data Creation.

Catptum: Captum is a model interpretability and understanding library for PyTorch.

Google colab: Google hosted jupyter notebook with limited free GPU/TPU.

SHAP Values: a unified approach to explain the output of any machine learning model.


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