Hello everyone, I started my new job at HyperLabel and should now have consistent time to start posting these every week again!

Remember be kind and patient with all event hosts. Many have not done online events before and we’re all still learning!

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Seattle Tech 6/1/20 - 6/7/20

Intro to Computer Science - Mon 6/1 5:30p

What is UX/UI Design? - Mon 6/1 6:00P

Seattle Startup Open Coffee - Tue 6/2 8:30a

Getting Your Supply Chain Back on Track with AI - Tue 6/2 10:00a

Live Chat by Facebook Product Manager - Tue 6/2 10:30a

Looker & BigQuery - Accelerating Data science Workflows - Tue 6/2 11:00a

Managing an ML Product as a Black-Box - Tue 6/2 11:30a

(Infrastructure as Code) using Terraform - Tue 6/2 4:00p

The Magic of a Strong LinkedIn Profile - Tue 6/2 6:00p

Google online talk #5: Builds feature pipelines with Apache Beam by eBay - Wed 6/3 10:00a

PuPPy’s First Ever Virtual Meetup! - Wed 6/3 6:00p

Computer Vision as an alternative to CNN: How to automate quality assurance - Wed 6/3 11:00a

Ethics in AI & Overcoming Product Bias by Smartsheet Sr Dir PM - Wed 6/3 11:30a

Intro to Data Science: Python Fundamentals - Wed 6/3 5:00p

Machine Learning Engineering and DevOps - Thu 6/4 4:00p

Engineering Essentials For Your First Job And Beyond - Thu 6/4 5:00p

JavaScript 301 - Thu 6/4 5:30p

Deep Learning Design Patterns Study Jams - Session 3 - Thu 6/4 7:30p

Graph Database & Modeling for Kaggle COVID-19 Dataset - Fri 6/5 12:00p

Seattle Tech 5/26/20 - 5/31/20

Data Career Panel. Seattle UseR x RLadies Vancouver - Tue 5/26 12:00p

WWC Tech Talk: Design Your Best Self with a Personal UX Evaluation [LIVE ONLINE] - Tue 5/26 4:30p

Open Seattle: Community Build Night - Tue 5/26 6:00p

Seattle BioTech & Bagels Morning Virtual Meetup - Wed 5/27 8:00a

Journey to Elastic SIEM Part 2: Getting Started to Investigating Threats - Wed 5/27 9:00a

Securing IoT Devices: Defending Against Zero-Day Attacks with Archis Gore - Wed 5/27 4:00p

Machine Learning for Kaggle COVID-19 Dataset Workshop [LIVE ONLINE] - Wed 5/27 4:30p

Space Needle Bungee - Behind the scenes of building Seattle in VR w/ Jeff Rayner - Wed 5/27 5:00p

May Tech Talk: How data science can be used for public policy and social impact - Wed 5/27 5:30p

Virtual AI workshop: AutoML Core Concepts and Hands-On Exercise - Thu 5/28 10:00a

Connected Hardware Startups: Arm’s Flexible Access for Startups - Thu 5/28 12:00p

WooCommerce Q & A for Beginners and Users - Thu 5/28 2:00p

Rsqrd AI: Research & Reality - Operating AI - Thu 5/28 5:30p

Software Test Automation Meetup and Networking Session (ONLINE) - Thu 5/28 5:30p

Test-Development in the Larger Context: TDD and ATDD - Thu 5/28 6:30p

Open Seattle Monthly Meetup - Thu 5/28 6:30p

Seattle CoffeeOps (Dev 💙Ops) Community - Fri 5/29 8:00a

Code fellows: 301 Virtual Demo Day Presentations - Fri 5/29 11:30a

Open Discussion for New and Aspiring Developers w/ Marius Espejo - Fri 5/29 6:00p

Quick start to build web applications with React(Free Online Class) - Sat 5/30 10:00a

Free Intro to Programming 4-hr Workshop - Seattle - Sat 5/30 11:00a

Webinar: How to Approach UX for HealthTech Products by Samsung PM - Sun 5/31 11:30a


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